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all our menu items are made to grab and go in sustainable takeaway



​Have you ever tasted crayfish? Well, if you are into seafood, you should definitely try crayfish. You won’t be able to describe its taste unless you don’t try.



Karaka Lobster is where you should consider heading off if you are having crayfish cravings. We offer fresh Crayfish in Kaikoura and Clarence. Don’t you worry about the price as the prices of our menu are fairly reasonable. Karaka Lobster is a famous spot for crayfish delicacies.



Crayfish is regarded as popular seafood and it’s eaten all over the world. These species are closely related to the lobster, in case you are not familiar with this information. Because our café resides by the freshwater of Okiwi Bay, we can serve the freshest Crayfish and that’s what we do.



Our uniquely equipped restaurant has been serving people with the freshest crayfish since the beginning of the 20th century. We strive to provide the best customer service experience while serving them with fresh and flavorsome seafood.



Karaka Lobster welcomes you to taste our freshest and finely cooked crayfish meal. We maintain quality, simplicity, and authenticity when cooking and serving foods. You can expect to have an amazing day whenever you visit our café. Karaka Lobster exists to serve you the best crayfish and other seafood meals.


Indulge your taste buds with finely cooked & flavorsome crayfish meal!



Are you craving a delicious lobster dish? Well, allow us to bring to your attention that Karaka Lobster serves the freshest and best lobster in Kaikoura and Clarence.  This is a premium seafood café filled with culinary wonders.

With so many incredibly mouthwatering dishes ready to be plated, Karaka Lobster continues to impress foodies. Our holistic approach to food preparation and customer services has allowed us to provide an exquisite experience to anyone who visits our restaurant. A tasty menu for breakfast, brunch, and lunch options Karaka Lobster has been established to give you the best experience.

As a matter of fact, Karaka Lobster has been winning the country’s top culinary accolades ever since it opened its doors. The simplicity and authenticity of nature’s finest foods are what make this restaurant uniquely special. Lobster and other dishes are finely prepared, plated, and served as a masterpiece!

So, it’s no wonder that Karaka Lobster is deemed one of the best restaurants in Kaikoura and Clarence. Known for lobster and premium seafood. Karaka Lobster welcomes everyone with an open heart. We have the best to offer and serve you.

With a breathtaking view of Okiwi Bay and delicious foods to offer, Karaka Lobster is a must-visit. Whether it’s the freshly-baked bread, seasonal foods, or the main dishes, our dishes are constantly updated. Locally & freshly caught lobster is the main specialty & attraction of our restaurant!



Karaka Lobster is a premium seafood café & restaurant in Kaikoura that has earned its top kudos. Known for its dedicated use of freshly caught & finely cooked seafood, our restaurant always strives to give you an amazing time.

Karaka Lobster is a must-visit spot for seafood in Kaikoura & Clarence. Our restaurant serves breakfast, brunch, and lunch that are prepared with fresh items. Consistency of quality and uniqueness is embraced in the food we prepare and serve. We have many delicious things to offer ranging from seafood delicacies, freshly-baked bread to aromatic drinks.

Our cleaver establishment pairs its food to complement the side dishes and drinks. Just like any other good restaurant, emphasis is given to seasonal items at Karaka Lobster. Dishes are simply delicious and diverse. Excellence is what we strive for at Karaka Lobster. We strive for excellence in every step of the food preparation process. That’s why you can always expect the best from Karaka Lobster.

When it comes to preparing and serving seafood, we are second to none. We have qualified & experienced chefs and waiters to run the kitchen and serve the customers. We want to push the boundaries and think out of the box to serve incredible seafood delicacies and an amazing dining experience. We welcome everyone to visit our little restaurant to experience our flavorsome seafood delicacies.

Fries ???? wtf


Have you been having French fries craving lately? Want to indulge in crispy fries? It’s time you visit Karaka Lobster- the best lobster restaurant in Kaikoura. We serve seafood delicacies along with crispy fries, salads, and other side dishes.

Karaka Lobster has been serving local and national travelers with freshly cooked seafood dishes since 2019. This is a premium seafood café & restaurant where only fresh & quality foods are served. Our restaurant is all about simplicity and quality.

We strive to give our customers the best ever dining experience by serving them delicious and aromatic seafood dishes and crispy fries of course. Our vegetables including potatoes are locally grown, allowing us to prepare foods with fresh vegetables and ingredients.

Whether it’s for breakfast, brunch, or lunch, Karaka Lobster has many things to offer. In fact, we are all about fresh and delicious dishes. So, if you are a fan of seafood delicacies and fries, Karaka Lobster is a must-visit spot. We promise to give you an amazing time whenever you visit us!



Are you craving seafood delicacies? If it’s then you should definitely try whitebait fritters. This is one of the most prized and popular seafood delicacies in New Zealand. Whitebaits are small fish with a solid reputation. As a matter of fact, they are an iconic part of New Zealand’s culture.

Karaka Lobster welcomes you to visit us to try all kinds of seafood delicacies. We serve freshly and finely cooked seafood delicacies. In fact, we serve dishes that are prepared with nature’s finest ingredients.

If you are craving pan-fried fish with beaten eggs, butter, salt, pepper, and lemon juice, a whitebait fritter is the one you should try. We use different kinds of ingredients to make the flavor more flavorsome. Karaka Lobster has only the best to offer and serve to anyone who visits us.

And yes, we offer hot and fresh whitebait fritters for all the foodies in Kaikoura, Clarence, and anyone who visits our little café-restaurant. The seafood delicacies we serve are freshly caught by us and finely cooked by our chefs. We look forward to seeing you at Karaka Lobster to try our delicious seafood delicacies.

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