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In Maori, "Kai" means 'food,' and "Koura" means 'cray' or 'lobster,'

so it's no wonder what the Kaikoura coast is famous for!!

Here, we are home to one of New Zealand's most delectable present, the Rock Lobsters (Spiny Lobsters),

or better known as Crayfish by the locals.

Since the early 20th century, our family has been providing Kaikoura and Clarence with some of the freshest

Crayfish in the world.

For as long as we can remember, fishing has been our livelihood, so we make sure to

care for it sustainably so our future generations may continue serving people and carry on with the legacy.

Resided by the Stunning Okiwi Bay, just 35km north of Kaikoura, Karaka Lobster is a 

Popular café that serves fresh seafood like no other.

 At karaka Lobster, the best seaside café, we give equal importance to the Taste and Safety of our visitors from Covid-19.

Therefore, we work while taking complete precautions—Safety masks, PPE, and proper sanitization,

and ensure a 24/7 regular cleansing of our café, utensils, and parking areas.

Moreover, we use homegrown ingredients and only Freshly sourced seafood to cook New Zealand's perfect seafood platter for you.

Our fishermen work hard to catch the Crayfish fresh each day and cook them to perfection, so they are ready to eat as soon as you arrive!


Alternatively, we also offer takeaway packages for the road instantly.

We love to put our customers in control of their purchases,

therefore encourage you to personally choose the best flavorful Crayfish in our cafe for yourself!

Happy choosing and chomping! 

Drop into Karaka Lobster Cafe in Kaikoura or Clarance and treat yourself to the best Crayfish in New Zealand.

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