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Visit Kaikoura’s Best Seafood Café & Restaurant To Have A Delicious Lunch Time


It’s almost time for lunch and you haven’t prepared your food yet, what you would do and where you would go? The answer is simple actually- a good restaurant near you.

In this case, welcome to Karaka Lobster- the best restaurant for lunch in Kaikoura and Clarence. Experience New Zealand’s finest seafood delicacies- lobster & crayfish meals! We welcome you to experience the authentic taste of New Zealand’s cuisine prepared by our finest chefs.

We prepare mouth-watering dishes of New Zealand’s culinary with the blend of nature’s finest ingredients. Bread that is freshly baked, vegetables that are locally grown, and crayfish & lobsters that are freshly caught!

We strive to improve our culinary skills to serve you the country’s finest seafood delicacies. The menu of Karaka Lobster is simple with a huge choice of impeccable starters and mouth-watering main dishes.

We maintain cleanliness when preparing and serving foods. Food quality is one of the top priorities of our business because we know quality is what everyone looks for in foods. Everyone would want to invest their time and money in delicious and good quality foods.

If you cannot serve better quality dishes and provide an amazing customer service experience, no one would want to visit your restaurant a second time. This is the most obvious fact. That’s why Karaka Lobster strives for excellence and intends to serve its customers with quality and flavorsome dishes.

All our crayfish and lobster dishes are served alongside a fresh salad and freshly baked bread- the perfect combination of a delicious lunch. If you are in a hurry to go somewhere, we are happy to wrap up your meal for a takeaway.

Visit Karaka Lobster for a memorable dining experience and fill your taste buds with a fine meal. We are proud to serve fresh seafood delicacies along with other popular items. Well, wait no more and visit Kaikoura’s finest and premium seafood café & restaurant to have the best lunch. Our door is open for everyone!

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