About us...

In Maori, "Kai" means 'food', and "Koura" means 'cray' or 'lobster', so its no wonder what the Kaikoura coast is famous for!!


Here, we are home to one of New Zealand's most precious gifts, the Spiny Rock Lobster, or as the locals know it- Crayfish. For as long as we can remember, fishing has been our family's livelihood, so we make sure to care for it sustainably so our future generations an continue the dream.  

At Karaka Lobster, we know how important it is to maintain the simplicity and authenticity of nature's finest foods. All our crays are served alongside a fresh bed of salad, homegrown lemon and a hot steamy garlic bread- the perfect compliment to one of the New Zealand's most devine seafoods.

Our fishermen work hard to catch the crays fresh each day, and cook them to perfection so they are ready to eat as soon as you arrive! Alternatively, our staff are happy to wrap it up in a takeaway package for the road. We love to put our customers in control of their purchase, so encourage you to personally hand pick the biggest, brightest crayfish you can find in the cafe!

Happy choosing and chomping! 

Our Crays

Alternative menu...

Coffee drinkers, where are you??

We understand the importance of a good cup of coffee like no one else, so we make sure to use only the finest beans from the fabulous La'farre. Our amazing baristers pride themselves on brewing the perfect cup of coffee every time, so you can enjoy that 'oh so needed' cup of goodness you've been longing for all day! 


Hot choccies, Moccas, milkshakes - we have it all! 

We understand what it's like to have a busy schedule and the need to keep on the road, so we will make sure to get your food ready as quickly as possible. All our delectables are made to grab and go, offering a selection of both sweet and savoury baked goods, 

croissants, toasties, fritatas and of course, our irrisistable crayfish!

You are more than welcome to take a seat and admire the views while grabbing a bite to eat, or cozy up in our little cafe on a chilli day. All the while we will make your visit a pleasant one the to remember.   

Karaka Lobster